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Projects in the fields of Computer Science:

Frofler (2018): Simple three-file web app quickly written in HTML, CSS and JS to guide players through the (unofficial) frisbee golf course on the campus of William & Mary.  

Ray Tracer (2018): Developed several modular C programs to render a ray traced image of 3D spheres with various lighting. Implemented provided algorithms to make available for proper brightness, shadowing, ambiance, and specular lighting effects. 

Maze Game (2017): Acquired and applied knowledge of principled software development concepts, module-level design, Object-Oriented Programming, and test-driven development to modify and complete a 3D maze game Android application. Written in Java. Unit tests implemented with JUnit. 

Inelastic Vehicle Collision Simulator (2016): Single-file C++ program written for my University Physics instructor to prove understanding of inelastic collisions. Takes the speeds of two vehicles, where they’re located on a cartesian coordinate plane, and the amount of time before they crashed to determine where they end up if their crash was inelastic.

Wise Guy (2013):¬†Created a local wireless network device to aid in bridging communications between classroom wireless devices and instructional workstations. The device ensured audio/video data could be transmitted and displayed on workstation computers from classroom wireless devices using both first and third-party software. Involved understanding of Windows 7 OS, Python 2.7, Arch Linux, wireless networking and Dell’s Wise Thin Client systems.¬†

Project reveal at York School Board Office
Project discussion at York School Board Office
Student use at Tabb High School
Wise Guy's in Testing